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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

"A woman shows the world: who she is; what she values; and what she believes." ~ Iyanla Vanzant

How do you move through life? Are you being yourself? Truly, authentically you? Or are you showing the world a version of you that you believe everyone likes?

"Harmony is your inner balance between life and your surroundings. Are you in sync with yourself? Or are your day-to-day actions grating against the vibrations of harmony within? Are you working against yourself? Meaning, are you doing something for others that goes against your principles? Saying one thing but doing another? How are you staying in harmony with yourself?" *

You are moving through life, keeping harmony and balance within... and Bam! The world tries to come at you sideways; tries to knock you down.

Well, too bad for the world that you have your feet on the ground, that you're living in the true-ness of you - because you are powerfully, awesomely, in-balance YOU!

You're in balance and the world bumps into you? Turn that stumbling reaction into a dance move, beloved! Twirl yourself while righting yourself! Spin your head right around and snap your fingers to the beat of your own music. Sing a note or two or ten; harmonize with yourself, and thank the world for the split-second duet but you don't need a dance partner.

You've got this all under control and you have better things in mind: like moving forward with positivity and joy! Harmony, beloved! Harmony! Don't let life's two-left-feet, wannabe dance partners get in the way of being authentically you. Harmony! Show 'em how powerful you already are! These are your life principles and how you move in this world. You're the one leading this dance, thank you very much!

Show 'em who you are: I am a resilient, gregarious, and daring mover-and-shaker taking her dreams by storm and helping others recognize their inner power to be and do the same.

Show 'em what you value: l value love, kindness, and respect for all.

Show 'em what you believe: I believe (I know for sure!) that I am worthy and I have nothing to prove.

(And that goes ditto for you, too!)

Here, I'll shine my spotlight your way. Are you ready? Stand tall, be you, live your passion out loud, be in sync with yourself, and walk forth into the light.

Show 'em...


* From the best-selling book: Show It Until You Know It: A Guide to Building Self-Confidence (C)

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