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"To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest of details." ~ Giorgio Armani


When was the last time you were relentless about something? Anything... Was it big? small? Would the end result impact you? someone else? many others? How many?

Did you set your eyes on the finish line and never looked up?

Or did you glance up... repeatedly, nervously looking for would-be obstacles?

Did you find your pathway obstructed?

Or was the road ahead clear... because no one else was daring to be as relentless as you?

On the road to success, you may find no others travelling your exact route. There may even be others heading in the opposite direction, but don't you worry. Your destination is ahead, and others (who were equally relentless on their own path) left maps and signs to help you get where you're going. Many of them are even available to teach you about the potholes, sharp curves, and steep climbs ahead... how to fuel yourself physically and mentally... they may give you their compass and direction, and their heart and compassion, to help you keep going... to keep you relentless...

And just you wait... your journey will be beautiful... hard... life-changing... immensely joyful... life-affirming... and so damn worth it!

Be relentless...

for you did not wake up to be mediocre...


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