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"Turn up the wattage so people can see it and aren't afraid to do it themselves." ~ Cynthia Erivo

When you are working hard at being authentically you and doing the very things that bring you great joy in this life, you will shine like a beacon of hope to others. That joy illuminates you from within while also lighting the path for others to follow.

Turning up the wattage within is electrifying. You can feel the tingle of adrenaline from living your dream out loud. Every step you take moves you into the direction of a future you designed from living as wholeheartedly as possible.

What if your illumination was the light at the end of a tunnel for another?

What if your light was the beacon in the dark beckoning others? showing them the way?

What if your brilliance set other hearts and dreams ablaze with their own passion for possibilities?

What if....?

You may worry about having all the steps necessary to be a leader/teacher/coach in this world. Do I have what it takes? Do I know all the things? Where do I begin?

And yet...

Simply by turning up your own wattage, you began to make changes in this world. Be you. You are already brilliant. And if you ever forget? Don't worry - I'll be here to remind you.

Be you and shine on with your luminous, brilliant self!


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