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"I believe in fairy tales - And dreamer's dreams - Like bedsheet sails - And I believe in Peter Pan

And miracles, anything I can to get by - And fireflies..." ~ Faith Hill

Friday night, I replenished my soul with the sweet refrains of music. Sharing a stage, a moment in time, and a microphone with a dear friend and fellow musician. My hips remembered the song before my tongue found the lyrics hiding in the recess of my mind. My subconscious had me swaying to the stage choreography I left behind in 2018. My smiles were ear-to-ear, genuine; my tears were full of joy.

Tonight, I replenished my heart when I hugged (ok, squeezed like a vise grip) one of my soul sisters for the first time in 18 months. Catching up on life's happenings like nary a minute had passed. My (our!) joyous laughter ringing through the bliss-filled silence of their woods. Sharing precious time under the tree canopy until the fireflies flicked their back porch lights on-and-off signaling the time to go home.

In two days' time, I will replenish my spirit while pouring myself, my energy into the empowerment wells of the next generation. I am an energy producer, illuminating their inner power so they can see themselves the way we do: as miraculous, brilliant, shining beacons of hope.

I wholeheartedly believe in these young minds and their futures. They are powerful and worthy - and sometimes I believe in them before they believe in themselves. (That's ok. Some adult minds are just now believing in themselves, too.) My intentions are set, my lessons are written, and I stand ready to sail this dreamer's dream right into their classroom, meeting them for the first time. Empowerment is the name of this ship and I'm her captain.

I believe in music.

I believe in soul sisters.

I believe in these kids.

I believe in their power and worth!

...and fireflies.


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