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"If you can fail doing something you don't like, then why not dare to do something you love?" ~Jim Carrey

40 years ago - I said I wanted to be an author.

4 years ago - I said yes and taught my first leadership development class.

8 months ago - I put my dreams and plans on paper and set deadlines.

8 weeks ago - I published my first book and it became a best-seller.

And in the last 16 days - I have been booked to present two keynote addresses.

WOOT! WOOT! (That's me shouting for me!)

*This* is what it feels like to do something you LOVE! If I'm willing to fail doing things I feel "meh" about, then why not live daring greatly and doing the things I love?!!

What do I love?

  • Empowering others

  • Teaching others about self-confidence

  • Training young leaders who turn around and train more young leaders

  • Being a cheerleader for the leader within YOU

  • Sharing life's lessons

  • Authoring manuscripts

I love the word manuscripts! Last Fall, I met all-around brilliant author, leader, and business woman extraordinaire, Laura Gallagher, and we quickly became friends. When I heard her speak, I took copious notes to satiate my inner, eager student. And when she asked me where I was with the progression of my manuscript, she changed the level of importance I put upon my own work.

That day, I paused and thought, "Manuscript? Me? I have a manuscript?!" That's the moment I realized how little credit I was giving myself for writing a book. I grabbed the closest piece of paper I could find at the conference. That post-it note now hangs by my writing desk and it reads Manuscript, as a daily reminder to be bold, be daring, and remember the weight my words can carry.

If I can be daring and turn my love and passion into a manuscript and speaking opportunities, just imagine what you can do! I hope you dare to do something you love. I'm standing by with my pom pons - ready to cheer you on when you do!

And in between my cheering sessions for you all, I will keep working on my next manuscripts.

So far, I find them....... daring...


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