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boom baby!

"Don't call them dreams, call them plans."

I wrote a book.

I wrote a book more than a year ago but a pandemic laced with crippling self-doubt tamped down the plans I was making. That book lay silent in my drawer, gathering dust; silent until I found myself seeking a resource to build up my self-confidence once again. Now, where could I find a book on building self-confidence? Ohhhh, yeahhh....

I wrote a book.

I may have written the book for young leaders and young professionals, but I also wrote with intention, hoping the book would help whomever needed it, whomever found it. The first to find it was me.

Re-read it cover-to-cover and thought, "Wow! The help's helped." (thank you, CJ & Zoey) Time to get the authorship plans in action once again. No more squashing my dreams, no more breaking my own plans.

I wrote a book...

...and today, I became a Best-Selling Author.

Boom baby! ~H.

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