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actually, I can

"Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road!" - the Munchkins in Oz

In 1900, L. Frank Baum authored a ground-breaking book, destined to become a literary classic. It was chock full of wondrous characters that captured the imagination, while filling the reader with new levels of self-confidence and daring.

In the Wonderful Wizard of Oz (C) , Dorothy wandered with her mission along a magical, otherworldly path, meeting new friends, fighting enemies, and overcoming obstacles - until finding her purpose, and discovering the truth. The truth? She had the power inside her all along.

You see, Dorothy only had to believe in the power of herself in order to finish her mission and go home. She walked the long, arduous walk, and she talked the very wordy talk, and in the end, she only needed to be still, and to look inside to find her inner confidence and accomplish her goal.

I have been following my own yellow brick road for decades, battling obstacles, making friends. It's only lately that I've taken time to be still. And in the stillness, I have found my true golden path and have been reaching for my goals... and I have been attaining them.

In my stillness, I meditate on believing in myself. My mantra? I am worthy and I have nothing to prove. Do you know, in the beginning, my bold self could not say that out loud? If I could not say that out loud to my own self, who then would find me worthy? Followed the advice from my own best-selling book, and it is only after showing my worthiness until knowing my worthiness that finally I had nothing to prove.

Now, when opportunity presents itself, I get still. I look inside, and take another step onto the golden path of being radically, authentically me.

If others try to say I cannot accomplish this, or they doubt I can do that, I tell them, "Actually, I can."

You see... I've had the power inside me all along.


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