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ready. aim...

"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it's going to launch you into something great. So focus, and keep aiming." ~unknown

It's pulling on you. Trying to weigh you down. You tense yourself bracing for impact from whatever it is and what will happen if it gets you firmly in its grasp, or hits you straight on.

What if...

...instead of bracing for impact, you set yourself in an archer's stance? strategically realigned the tension into your upper body? Sent it coursing through your fingertips; felt it dancing along the sinew of the bow. planted your feet? Felt the earth beneath your toes rumble every so slightly. Felt the shifting ground hold your soles firm, grounding your soul. took a deep breath, stilled your mind, and set your focus?

What if... you're ready?

When life comes at you, use the downward drag to set yourself. Then, send the quill shooting high into the atmosphere, propelling yourself to greatness!

You've got this, archer.



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