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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

"Dreaming is a form of planning" ~ Glennon Doyle

As a leader who teaches other leaders, I find it important to continuously learn and expand my own knowledge base. This goes a long way to insuring I have terrific resources and timely topics for my lessons and my students.

Last week's teachings came from a two-day event called the #DreamSummit2021. This is my first year attending, and I was ecstatically blown away by the topics and the quality of the guest speakers.

Hosted by DreamBank out of Madison WI, this summit heralded keynote addresses and interviews with the Scott Brothers, Chef Jeff Henderson, Kristen Hadeed, Dr. Alex Gee, Daniel Pink, Tan France, and Glennon Doyle(!!!) - and that only names a few! There were only so many sessions one could learn from in a single day, so thank goodness for #replay!

The final speaker, at the end of the last day, was one of my author, speaker, and all-around life mentors, Glennon Doyle. (Can you be a mentor if we've never met?) She's living her truest, most beautiful life, and I am in awe of her authenticity on an almost daily basis.

In early 2020, I cut her photo out of a magazine and it's hanging on my desk bulletin board. In it, she's posing with her [then] new book - the quintessential read, Untamed (C). Whenever I feel my own writings pausing for no dang good reason, I look at her photo and laugh along with her - her joy and laughter captured by the photographer's lens.

Glennon had so many wonderful lessons during her Dream Summit time, and I was desperately taking notes like a dutiful student. I was also caught up in my fangirl grinning and pure enjoyment of being *that* close to her. Ok - we were in the same Zoom Room and I think that counts! I simply pretended it was just her and I... oh, and the moderator of course!

That evening, I tweeted my joy about how I pretended it was just #GandH - only to have Glennon reply and write "My BFF H!" !!!!!!

Now, if you were within earshot of me when I realized she directly replied, I apologize for the piercing shriek that followed! But really I'm sorry not sorry! When someone you admire for living their truest life out loud e-talks directly to you? You kinda go a little fangirl crazy in the moment! And you might be so thrilled and honored by the reply that you print it, frame it, and give it a new home above your writing desk... (#truth) Inspiration while writing my second book is just a glance away!

During her DreamBank 2021 talk, Glennon reminded all guests that "dreaming is a form of planning" and gave us all our marching orders when she added, "You do not have permission to not work on your dreams!"

Fear not, G! My dreams and plans and are never-ceasing, and I will not stop until I empower an army of leaders! Thank you, @GlennonDoyle, for your inspiration, your lessons, and your authenticity. I'm gonna chill on the fangirl shrieking (for now) and get back to writing my next manuscript.

it's time to dream on...


For more information on DreamBank - Madison WI

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