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burn, Beloved

"Every fire is the same size when it starts."

There's a small thought itching in the back of my mind. I'll pay it no attention today.

Life moves forward, as I tackle all of my to-dos. My daily chaos swirls into shape and molds itself into memories and life lessons. The to-do list is complete... I think. There was *something* I was going to do...

There's a small thought itching in the back of my mind, begging to be granted oxygen. I shall ponder it briefly, bookmarking it for a later date.

My chaos moves forward, molding life itself. Today's lessons are calm and empowering with a touch of chaotic brilliance. The to-do list has grown into a novel, but the idea wiggling around in my head has been tabled... for now. Never enough time to tend to all of the ideas bouncing around my skull.

There’s an idea smoldering in my head, yearning for the chance to run. I reach for it.

I am burning with realization: I could accomplish all of the tasks in today's chaos, while also pouring into the dream that has begun to spark. What happens when this flame catches hold?

There's a fiery dream blazing in my mind, roaring forward, and burning bright! Burn, Beloved! Burn! There's so much to do! Change has begun!

Fanning the flames of this idea, my chaos remains but has changed colors. Showing the truth and depth and heat and passion of this burning idea. Strike that. This a burning plan now and I’m ready to torch away the guideposts and warning signs and puppet-strings holding me in place. Telling me I should be this and I should be that. No more!

There’s passion brightly burning thru every fiber of my being, shining forth in my eyes and smile and soul as I reach for more. My fire is illuminating. I am illumination!

My one-time ember is now a blazing supernova showering others with great hope! Showing them how to give life and breath to their passion, their spark.

Every fire is the same size when it starts...

… burn, Beloved! Burn!


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